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PostSubject: Story board   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:38 am

Post your stories here!
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PostSubject: Re: Story board   Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:59 pm

Transylvania Chapter 2
by ~TheRealJakeSteel

May 23, 1925
"It's Alive"
Crescent Moon Night

Chapter 2

Lawrence and Monica arrived in Transylvania into the marketer street only to find there was a large rukis in and around an alley way.
"What's going on?", Lawrence asked.
"One of our marketers was brutally murdered!", another marketer said.
"Leave it to the humans to kill for pleasure...", Lawrence mumbled. Monica looked down."I kill for food not fun!"
"HOLD IT!!!", a voice called out."Beggar... bring me the body"
"Yes sir...", a marketer said nervously...
"Hmm... I'll return...", the man said rushing towards the center of the town. The marketers just stand and wait... as if they were a group of blood-lusting zombies that were being locked in a cage and waited for their bloody food to arrive.
"What are they waiting for?", Lawrenced asked.
"Vic... They keep going on about him being a 'witch-doctor'", Monica said.
"So... this is our Frankenstein monster?"
"Alright... well... lets see his knowledge of the DEAD..."
At the next moment an electrical surge pumped through a nearby tower leaving a tremendous amount of electrical aura to surge through each and every body within a 10 mile radius. The two rush to see what was going on to find that the building was nearly 50 stories tall... on a hill!
"The doc has his work cut out for him...", Monica complimented. She looked over to see that Lawrence had started to climb the building."Real nice!!"
The next moment Lawrence was struck down by a lightning bolt and hit the ground with a loud thud.
"Are you okay?", Monica cried.
"I'm good... just that I got shocked with about a million watts of lightning..."
"I thought you would have died", she complained.
"No... only silver does that to me..."
"IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!", Vic cried out.
"Hold on". Monica said grabbing Lawrence and teleporting to the top.
They arrive at the top of the tower to see that Vic was turning machines off.
"Victor?", Monica said.
"Monica? What are you doing here?", Victor said.
"I wish to ask of your assistance..."
"I am busy at the moment..."
Victor starts towards the man that he had brought back to life...
"Victor... Why do you bring this FILTH back to life?", Monica said.
"Vic... this man tried to rape me yesterday!"
"If you don't mind Victor I am going to kill this pansy and coward with my own bare hands...", Lawrence said coming towards the man.
"I don't wish to bring filth into this world...", Victor said,"alright you may, just don't destroy anything..."
The next thing happened so fast... Before Victor could finish what he was saying the man and Lawrence were over the edge with Lawrence tearing him limb from limb...
"Monica... you have a weird taste in men...", Victor said. Victor looks over the edge to, yet again, see Lawrence ripping the man's body parts off and laughing maniacally while doing it.
"I know... he's wild isn't he?", she continued.
"A werewolf or lycan?"
"Hey people...", Lawrence said...
"Wow! What incredible speed!", Victor pointed.
"So... what makes you a Frankenstein?", Lawrence asked, "You look like a normal human to me..."
"You will find out soon enough...", Monica said..." We ARE going through the roughest part of Romania tomorrow..."
Moments later they are back on the road and start for the next destination...
"Do you think I should go to the marketers an inform them that I am leaving?", Victor asked.
"You don't have too... If that's what you are asking...", Monica said.
"Alright...", Victor said continuing...
"Hey, Vic...?", Lawrence asked," do you have any extra pants I could have?"
"Yeah... why", Victor asked.
"Did you not see his incredible butt while he was falling?", Monica said.
"Wait... wa... oh... okay... here"
Lawrence stops for a second to pull the tight pants on under his jackets...
"Okay... I'm good..."
... as the trio go along their journey a shadow figure swiftly passes a nearby store...
"What was that?", Lawrence asked...
"What was what?", Monica said...
"Nothing... I'm hearing things again..."
They get to a peaceful enough place to set camp and set up two beds... One for Victor and another for Lawrence and Monica...
"Don't worry... What happened last night was pure instinct for both of us...", Lawrence said...
"Yeah... and besides... I feel a bit more comfortable..."
The fire went out and they all went to sleep...
...but not everything goes to sleep at night... a black wolf comes over and smells Lawrence... and then with a puff turns in the direction in which their destination was...

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PostSubject: Re: Story board   Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:09 pm

Transylvania Chapter 3
by ~TheRealJakeSteel

May 24, 1925
Ruffian's Masquerade
Waxing Moon Night

Chapter 3

Lawrence wakes trembling...
"Huff... huff...", Lawrence complained,"Why do I keep having this nightmare!?"
Monica wakes up,"What nightmare?"
"Oh... It's nothing..."
Victor wakes up.
"Well, lets all get packed up for our adventure today...", Lawrence said shaking out his fear.
They arrive in the next town and notice that there is no one in sight.
"I thought this place was supposed to be the roughest part of Romania...", Lawrence said.
"It is... but we got them on the right day", Victor said.
"Today is the start of the Ruffian's Masquerade...", Monica said.
"Ruffian's Masquerade?", Lawrence asked.
"It's were all the men go and get real drunk and then, while they do that, their wives go to Transylvania to have this really big party...", Victor explained. At that instant a drunken man flops out of one of the bars and hammers Victor in the face.
"Oooowwwww", the man cried out. Victor hadn't even budged.
"What a shock... Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear...", Victor said,"Now witness your death, man". He slowly starts to grow stitches across his face, up his lip and over his eye. A circular washer appears around his eye showing the discustingness of it. His shirt rips revealing his true muscular Frankenstein body. Pillars pierce his back sending an electrical surge straight through his body. He grabs the drunken man by the throat.
"Now... prepare to die!!!", Victor said. He lifts his arm and a violent rage of thunder and lighting storms through the obese man's body. The body is shocked to the point of death and is eventually thrown to the side.
"Pitiful...", Victor said as his body started to de-grade. They move on and the drunken people all around just moved out of the way for the three travelers. A group of people obviously not here for the Masquerade stopped the trio close to the exit-way of the city.
"In order for you to go on... you must defeat and or kill us...", one man said.
"Very well", Victor said up-grading his body...
"Alright", Monica said as her teeth grew and shined in the light of the sun...
"Suit yourselves...", Lawrence said removing his jacket...
The next thing that happened happened so fast, except Victor... By the time Victor had electrocuted one of the men, Monica and Lawrence had taken out the rest...
"You guys cheat...", Victor said.
"No...", Monica started.
"We're just faster...", Lawrence finished. The three continue...
Over the horizon the figure of a wolf with blood scarlet eyes looks carefully upon Lawrence. A slight glance away reveals a man with dirty-black hair and beautiful scarlet eyes darker than those of Monica.
"Dear brother... you fool... the forest WAS the safest place for you... but I promised to make this fair... tomorrow night we meet and blood WILL be shed..."
The man turned and morphed back into the wolf and jolts into a parallel way of the trio...

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PostSubject: Re: Story board   Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:33 pm

Transylvania Chapter 4
by ~ThRealJakeSteel

May 25, 1925
Brother's Rivalry
Full Moon Night

Chapter 4

Their travel went a long way... they went from mid-day one day to the next night. They arrive at their destination point only to see nothing but trees and gravel.
"What happened here?", Victor asked.
"I don't know...", Monica answered.
"This was supposed to be a place of peace!", Victor said.
"What power has come over this land?", Monica came back.
"...Lycan...", Lawrence said as he looked at some footprints.
"Wait... Lawrence! The moon!", Monica shouted. Lawrence looks up at the moon. He saw that is is a full moon.
"No...NO!", Lawrence cried out. His body becoming covered in fur and and skin thinning to the point of bone viability. As he transformed he cried out a single phrase,"Run...Now!!!!"
He transformed extending his jaw, fingers, and legs. Growing new bones to give him a wolf-en structure. The werewolf looks around for a person, apparently looking for something to destroy, he hears...
"Dear brother...", a male voice said,"...If only your rage could be contained like mine..."
The werewolf growled.
"Come on you filthy half-breed!", he shouted,"Fight me and let blood be shed!"
"DAMION!!!", the werewolf shouted,"YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO OUR FAMILY!"
"You are the half-bred one...", Damion insisted.
"I told you I was going to make it a fair fight and wait for the first full moon that you were out of the forest", Damion said.
"Why because I turn into a wolf and not a WEREWOLF!?", he said,"your father was human... mine was Lycan... your a half-breed I am a pure-breed."
"You don't talk about Mom!", Damion said,"You have no right, Half-Breed!"
Damion instantly jumps out at Lawrence and transformed into the wolf form and attacks. They roll around on the ground chomping and scratching at each others' faces. They roll and snap at each other; snarls and growls could be heard a mile away.
"This is incredible!",Victor said,"A werewolf and a lycan...fighting..."
"Victor!", Monica cried out.
"That werewolf is my fiance'..."
Victor runs out instantly transforming into the Frankenstein form...
"Lawrence, if you can hear me, I need you to throw the lycan to the side so that I can blast it away like the mongrel it is!", Victor said. The next moment Lawrence tossed the lycan to the side with authority."ELECTROCUTE!!!!"
A lightning bolt strikes the wolf and sends it flying far away. After that Lawrences hand reaches around Victor's throat,"THAT... Was... my problem...", Lawrence said as he transformed back to his human shape.
"Are you okay, dear?", Monica asked.
"Just tired..."
"What is this weird marking on your back?", Victor noticed.
"My mark of the Beast... the full moon...", Lawrence said,"My brother has a similar mark... the new moon..."
Moments later at a distant place Damion wakes to find his body severely charred.
"Retched Frankenstein!", He cursed," That was a family issue!"
"Hello... Damion...", a male voice said.
"Gregor...", Damion said.
"So... are you accepting my offer to join me?", Damion asked.
"On one condition...",Gregor started. From the shadows of trees and rocks wolves of all colors start to occur."That you can defeat them all!"
The lycans charge at Damion shrouding him in coats of Black, Brown, Grey, and etc and the sound of snarls and chomps. The wolf form of Damion strikes at the others and he transforms back.
"Brothers! Sisters! You have been confused by Gregor!", Damion started backing from some of the growling Lycans,"Join me and you will be free! Free to do what ever you may wish and not be controlled! Kill Gregor if you wish to join me in my goal to rid the world of the half-breeds!"
Half of the Lycans charge for Gregor the other stayed to fight Damion remaining loyal to Gregor. Gregor made an attempt to run but was stopped by a lycan biting him on the leg. Damion was holding off the lycans and knocked them left and right. Finally, after about five rows of them they decided to give up and join Damion instead of opposing him.
"Not much of an army you formed, Gregor", Damion said walking over to the injured man."Now you die for your betrayal to me!", He said pulling out a rigid dagger. Damion takes the dagger and drives it into the stomach of Gregor and then pulls out."Now time to release you...", He said lifting the knife again. He then stabs Gregor in the heart... instantly killing him...
Back at the camp Victor and Monica are tending to Lawrences wounds.
"Man, you got a lot of scratches and bites!", Victor said.
"The only things that can hurt me is silver, Vampires, and Lycans..."
"Jeez... Your skin is too thick to stitch!", Monica said.
"Oh! I still have cuts?", Lawrence said,"Let me get that" He, then, starts to focus and the scratches and cuts on his back start to heal leaving steam to show affection.
"That is an incredible ability", Victor said.
"Well thank God you can do that... I thought I would never get that needle in there...", Monica said, but if I drove my nails down your back..."
"I would enjoy it too much", Lawrence said. Monica blushes. They gather in an alley and conversated for a while about family, friends, hobbies... Then, they all went to sleep for the next morning.
Damion is shown walking away from the bloody body of Gregor only to turn to see six other Lycan had transformed. There was four women and two men. One woman had extremely long brown hair and appeared to be a sorceress of some sort. The next one had long red hair and didn't really appear to wear much of anything. The next one had shoulder length brown hair that looked almost like a flower girl... or in other words... not very violent. The last woman had extremely short black and silver hair. She wore the attire of a warrior and didn't seemed bothered by her femasculine figure.
Out of the two men, Damion realized that one of them was a colored man. "You!", Damion said,"What is your name?"
"My name is Malachai... leader of the Blood Lycan Troopers!", he said in a very deep but loyal tone. He was about 7 foot tall and wore nothing more than a pair of pants. Due to it being dark, Damion didn't notice that Malachai also was covered, head to toe, with tattoos. The next man stood about eye level with Damion and had average length bleach blond e hair.
"This seems to be good... what are your specialties?", Damion asked almost laughing evilly.
"I am Belladonna... I am a sorceress with the specialty of medicines and Defensive Spells"
"I am Mimzy... I am Lycan commander of the Vixens!"
"I am Gina... I am known as the War Wolf of Southern Asia"
"I am Joanna... I am known for being the top Lycan of my clan and being the only female to reach a Warlock state"
"I know Malachai...", Damion said.
"I am Exodus... Messenger of the Wolf-en Specie"
"Excellent... This is going to be a good bit of fun!", Damion said as an evil smile crept slowly across his face.

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