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PostSubject: Fan-fiction   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:38 am

Post fan-factions here!
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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fiction   Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:47 pm

Legend of Kamuto


Planet Vegeta, one of the galaxies fiercest worlds to visit. Sayains, universes strongest warriors ever to live, are nothing but ruthless fighters only wanting to see entertainment in their killing. Half of the population is made up of the full-blooded sayains, the other half is made up of the hybrid or demi sayains. The most common kind are the animal-like hybrids. Most hybrid and full-blooded sometimes never got along with each other. The full-blooded were ruthless and the hybrids were more of a peaceful kind of race, only used fighting if needed to. This is a story of one hybrid child that would change the fate of world forever. This is his story.

Some where in a small house, lives a happy family of sayain hybrids. In the house sits a beautiful female fox named Kaia. She had magnificent brown hair that reached all the way to her hips. Her eyes were light green with a bluish outline. She wore a green upper shirt with a blue long skirt. Her fur was color was orange with a shade of maroon in it. In her arms was a five-day old baby. As Kaia and her new born were sitting in the rocking chair, the door opened. Standing in the doorway was a 7-year old boy with spiky gray hair that stood straight up and matched his ears and tail. His skin was not fur but that of a normal human or saiyan. His eyes was pitch black and he wore saiyan armor that he got from military camp. His name was Galgeta. As he walked over to his mom, he noticed the baby in her hands. When kaia noticed galgeta she said, “ Oh! Galgeta I see you’re back from military camp. Look this is your new brother, Kamuto.” The baby had light bluish eyes with spiky hair all over his head. This was the beginning of the origins.

1. origins- Five years later

Galgeta was practicing his skill he learned from military camp. He jumped up in the air pointing his finger at a boulder. Aurora gathered up in his index finger getting ready to execute the move. “ Galaxia beam cannon,” Galgeta shouted as the energy busted like a laser and pulverized the rock. As the smoke cleared, Galgeta levitated down and sat on raggedy old stump. Reading his scouter, “ grr….smokes”, Galgeta cursed, “ I’ll never get past level 5,638.” “ maybe if you wouldn’t be so lazy, you could,” said a five-year old kamuto wearing an orange gi with a blue shirt under it. “ shut up kamuto, like you can do better? I don’t know why mom keeps you inside but you can do better then go ahead.” Kamuto gave him a cheerful smile to Galgeta while he walked to a boulder twice as huge than the other. Kamuto got in his stance and yelled, “ Fox style: Meteor Combination. Kamuto sent wave after wave of punching and kicking the boulder in to pieces. Kamuto then leaped into the air horizontally parallel with the deformed rock. His hands clenched together as blue aurora gathered into the palms. When the energy gathered he chanted, “ Ka-me-ha-me-ha!”
Kamuto struck his hands out aiming at the rock as the aurora shot out. The beam was twice as strong as galgeta’s attack, and obliterated the rock until it was nothing but smoke.

Galgeta face was traumatized. The reading on his scouter was off the chart, literally. “ over 11,000!? Impossible,” galgeta stated with a trembling voice. The next thing that kamuto heard was a doorbell ring. “ Yay! Its Uncle Don Patch,” kamuto blurred out with a exciting smile. As soon as kamuto left the room, Galgeta couldn’t help but say, “ what the F**K was that?”

Origins 2- The Star Player Appears!
Don patches Bizarre Test !

Kaia opened the door only to see an orange sun-like person that has a circular body with spikes around it. This was Don Patch. In his hand were a box of chikuas ( bread like substance with powder sugar) “ oh Don Patch you’re here already? That was fast” Don Patch was kind of like kamuto. He had a happy-go-lucky attitude, his eyes were blue, and he wore gloves with narrow shoes. “ hey kaia, how are the kids doing?” “ not much,” Kaia answered with a glistening smile “ there in the training room competing with each other. Its even cuter when kamuto wins the competing.”

(flash back)

You see Don Patch isn’t really kamutos’ uncle by blood. When kamuto was two, Kaia had go to a council meeting and Galgeta went on a military field trip. Not knowing what to do, Kaia noticed that a few weeks ago a new neighbor moved in. That’s when she met Don Patch. At first she didn’t know what he would say, but when she asked he was more than happy to take care of him. When Don Patch first held kamuto in his hands, the first word he finally said was uncle. From then on out Kamuto always called him uncle.

(end flashback)

“well I must be off to another council meeting bye.” Kaia waved her children good-bye and walked out of the door. *oh God its him again* Galgeta though as he was getting ready to join Frezzas army for family support. “ So do you have anything to teach me,” kamuto asked. “ In fact I do, but you have to pass my little test.” “ What is it then Uncle Don” “ well,” Don patch started. “ lets if you can make me laugh so hard I’ll roll on the floor.” “ What?! But I never told a joke in my life!” “ well that doesn’t mean you cant try.” “ ok I’ll try,” Kamuto said as he crossed his arms and thought. Just then a light bulb appeared and then spoke. “ The clock told me…… MY HANDS ARE TIED!!!!” The room was silent for a second until Don Patch broke out in a huge laughter. He laughed so hard that he literally rolled on the floor. “So? Will you teach now?” “Ok, alright you win Kamuto,” Don Patch said he was getting up from the floor. “Now, time to teach you my new technique” “Yay,” kamuto Shrieked in excitement. I the other room as Galgeta was almost done packing he thought to himself *wonder what moms doing*


Kaia stat with the VMC, [Vegeta Military Council], as the king sat in his chair he discussed about an Azarathian wedding that might end the war between them and make peace. “But,” king vegeta started, “ if the wedding becomes a disaster… we have to eradicate all the hybrid saiyans.” “WHAT” kaia shouted, “For what purpose did you decide this!?” “It’s like this Kaia,” King vegeta spoke, “Lord Frezza is counting on us that the marriage goes according to plan. If not we might lose all of our military support, unless we eradicate all hybrids. I’m sorry Kaia all you can hope is that the wedding goes as planed. Council dismissed! Kaia was traumatized full of fear. A tear came out of her eye and hoped the best for tomorrow...

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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fiction   Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:48 pm

Transylvania Chapter 1
by ~TheRealJakeSteel

May 22, 1925
"The Gathering"
New Moon Night

Chapter 1

A stormy night in the Romanian territory. It was dark, raining, and with thunder and lightning.Only hours after the storm morning arose and created a deathly feeling through the territory. It was a fairly normal day in Transylvania. A day in which there were several missing, murder, and robbery cases. Transylvania was in peril. Everyone (excluding the rich) were in poverty.
In a marketer street a young woman on horse-back rode through to go to the forest on the outside of the street.
"Fine day, m' lady, would you be interested in buying something for your travel?", a marketer had asked.
"No, I am perfectly fine...", she replied barely nudging over to look at the marketer. She traveled far into the street only to be snatched and grabbed off of her steed.
A fairly large man holds her and licks her cheek bone," Hey, pretty lady... you taste good", he commented dragging her into an alley. During this time all that is heard is girlie screams and sounds of slurping.
She walks out apparently unharmed, "funny... you do too...", she said licking her fingers. She Gets back on her horse and makes her way into the forest and says,"Now that I have entered the forest, I must hunt the wolf..."She looked for near an hour and finally runs into an empty shrine, and reads the inscription on it, "Alas, for the Lobo Spirit lives and the people run and hide, for only the dreaded vampire may go to where this beast strives..." She was then interrupted by a man landing on the shrine in all his physical wonder as his bare skin... tan as the ground beneath their feet. His eyes a strange color of hazel, and a body that any girl would just die over from his fingers to his ...toes...
He continued, "For only those who shall dare to come into the wolf-en lair...",
Cut from his velvet voice, "Shall seek him in his presence bare..." she finished. "You are the Lobo Spirit?", she asked.
"Yes, you have found me", he said." Now what is it that you wish?"
"I wish to restore Transylvania to its original position before now!", she cried out.
"So a mere mortal wishes my assistance to restore Transylvania?...Not possible!", he said in a milder tone.
"Unless you are too chicken...", she teased.
"DO YOU QUESTION MY POWER , HUMAN?!", the man said noting his aggressiveness. She laughs."Human, you will die for crossing me!", the man said pouncing at her. He was suddenly in shock to see that she held him in the air with one hand only by the collar bone.
"I am not a human...", she insisted.
"But... a Vampire...", he finished.
"I know you are troubled and wish to leave so I am giving you an option...", she said," I am Monica..."
"My name is... Lawrence...", he said.," I will go by your side in one condition..."
"That you take my hand...", he finished.
"Very well... I doesn't bother me... I love wolfs...", she finished, "oh and you won't fit in Transylvania nude..."
"Well... do you have clothe worth perishing?", Lawrence asked.
"Actually... yes", she said reaching for a bag. She was stopped by the feel of a heavy hand on hers and another on her hip. Lawrence then slipped in a small kiss... but only one big enough to signal the fireworks for later. They then continued on... Lawrence with a large coat.
"So... have you heard the story of Frankenstein?", Monica asked.
"Yes...", Lawrence replied.
"Well we are gathering his grandson's creation...", Monica replied.
They travel through the forest about 30 minutes getting very close to the night fall.
"We need to stop...", Lawrence said.
"Why?", Monica asked
"Lycans come out into the cities at this time...", he said. So they lye down and look at the stars... Then... Monica instinctively hopped into Lawrences lap attempting to bite his neck but to soothe the urge kisses the werewolf on the lips and manages to maintain the urge for blood. But because of her actions at this point triggered the reproductive senses of Lawrence and he quickly urges her to get out from around his waist. She got the hint and started to get off but by the time she did it was nearly too late... Lawrence had gotten her down in a position humans couldn't normally get out of. She was pinned to the ground and managed to fight her way out of it. She looked at him and he looked back and they didn't speak til the next morning...
They both turned into opposing directions and began to attempt to sleep. Lawrence's eyes glow in the night time and as he closed them it seemed that a light was disappearing. Monica's eyes didn't glow... for her vampire blood crept through her body leaving her eye color to be a dark, dark red, almost black... They both fall asleep to the noises of howling or insects and wolves.

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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fiction   Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:01 pm

From here on, Chapters for Transylvania will be found on Storyboard instead of Fan Fiction.
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