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 Soul Eater:Sequal Series

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PostSubject: Soul Eater:Sequal Series   Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:57 pm

Soul Eater: Sequel Series
Chapter/Episode 1
Intro: The Stralucitor Family?

A large tropical forest is shown as a beautiful yet dark scenery. Shadows move through the forest at lightning speed. An older woman about in her late 20s/early 30s is revealed running after some kind of mutant creature.
"d@mn this beast!", the woman said. The creature turned and lunged at her in annoyance. She hopped over to the side and swung at it with her caped scythe. It swiftly jumped out of the way and jolted in the opposite direction.
"We'll never be able to catch this thing!", the scythe appeared to have said in a young voice.
"Don't worry, baby... Momma's going to get this Kishin!", the woman insisted. She too jolted in the direction of the Kishin. As she ran she began to focus her soul energy... "Let's go! Soul Resonance!", she said as the trees around her are cut and blown away.
She instantly got a tremendous speed boost and a witch hunter developed in the blade of the scythe. The attack glew in a deep violet glistening with the night sky. She caught up with the Kishin and split it straight down the middle of it's body. She landed on the forest floor and the scythe transformed into a six year old girl.
The girl was called by her mother as Phantom. She was a member of the Stralucitor Clan, a clan that always had a history of having a meister child and a weapon child. Phantom was a brunette with red eyes and wore a short sleeved button up, shorts, glasses, and a cape. Her mother on the other hand had cherry blond hair and was barely over 5 feet tall.
"Go ahead... this would make our 99th soul...", Phantom's mother said. Phantom reached forward and ate the Kishin soul.
"Now all we have to do is get a witch soul!", Phantom said.
"Yes ma'am... then you will be a death scythe, just like your father"
The next day, Phantom and her mother arrive in Death City to meet with Death and retrieve their witch mission. The get to the DWMA Academy and walk to the Death Room.
"He's not in here!", Phantom said.
"No worries...", her mother said, "I can call him" She walked up to the mirror and breathed in it. "42-42-564 is the number you write down when you knock on Death's door", she said as she write on the mirror. The mirror motioned like water and a bright light occurred. "Lord Death, are you there?"
"Hey, hey, hey! How are you?", a large black figure appeared.
"Lord Death, we have collected our 99th soul; we are ready for our witch hunt", Phantom's mother said.
"Ah! I see... very well... there is a rumor going around that the witch, Nagaina is hidden in the Himalayan Mountains and I want you two to go and check it out", Death said.
"Yes sir!", the two said as Death saluted them. The mirror changes back and the two walk out of the Death Room. They travel to the Himalayas in search of the witch, Nagaina. They search high and low wearing heavy fur coats to keep warm. They eventually find themselves facing a a humongous avalanche that wasn't a natural one. They swiftly dodge the avalanche jumping up only to be greeted by The Serpent Witch herself, Nagaina.
Nagaina releases an energy wave of complete destruction and destroys a small part of the mountain; leaving people in the distance to fear what was happening to the mountain. Phantom's mother slide in one direction holding Phantom in weapon form. She charges Nagaina having an advantage in the thick snow. She easily sliced Nagaina's head off allowing the witch soul to appear.
"That was easy...", Phantom said as she ate the witch soul.
"I know... it was too easy...", her mother said. Suddenly, Phantom began to have a reaction to the soul. Her body grew slightly taller, her hair grew longer and developed black streaks. She transformed appearing to have a longer blade, handle, and cape. The cape had a sun and a moon on it.
"Yea! I am a death scythe now!", Phantom jumped and and began to celebrate, but in the excitement she tripped over a stone causing her to fall violently down the mountain side. Her mother tried to grab her but was stopped by a stab being made through her chest. Clueless, Phantom hit the bottom unharmed. She hit the bottom and began to laugh.
While she laughed she looked around noticing how her mother wasn't there. "Momma?", She looked. Before she knew it a large form had hit the ground beside her. She looked and it was her mother brutally beaten and bleeding severely. Phantom arose in confusion, pain, anger, and sadness all at the same time seeing a tall woman who wore all white. She began to go after her but a mirror came out of her pocket and Death was in the glass.
"Phantom! You must get out of there! You don't stand a chance against Yeta! Come back to the academy", Death said in a worried tone. "I will have Sid drop by to get your mother now quickly get moving", Death continued. Phantom turned away and began running away from the mountain side. As she ran the white haired woman from the mountain looked down and laughed.
"Poor child... but... Yeta doesn't take kindly to intruders... I believe you kill my family... I kill yours", Yeta said as she turned to walk back into her cave. Phantom eventually arrived at the academy exhausted and and angry. She took on step toward the academy and fell out unconscious.
Hours later, she woke up to Sid and Naiga looking at her. She sat up immediately and looked around hoping it was all just a bad dream... but unfortunately it wasn't. She balled up in tears only to say that she didn't want to be alone.
"You aren't alone, Phantom", Naiga said moving to the side,"this is your brother... Vasquez Stralucitor... he is one or our young meisters" Phantom got up and hugged the living crap out of Vasquez leading them on to a long future.

11 years later...

"Phantom! Come on! We got a witch to catch!", a voice said. A much older Phantom jolts down a city street to a tall light haired boy. They jump up on the roof tops and begin chasing a lone witch under the name of Tiga. They ran for several minutes dodging energy attacks and trying to make attacks of their own. Eventually they tried a different attack. Vasquez threw Phantom like a boomerang!
The witch easily dodges the scythe until Vasquez appears in front of it and releases a soul attack. The scythe turns and jabs the witch in the stomach. Vasquez lands on the roof top only to pull the scythe out slowly and then using the handle to trip the witch.
"Any last words, Witch?", Vasquez asked.
"What was your name?", Tiga asked.
"Wha... Huh?... Vasquez, why?", Vasquez said confused.
"Vasquez...", Tiga began as the angle of view is turned to her face,"Your a bitch..." Vasquez looks and nods his head...
"Good bye", he said as the scythe broke through her chest cavity. She faded into black mesh and her purple soul appeared. Phantom morphed and devoured the soul feeling much better.
"Help... we're done here", Phantom said.
"Yeah... let's get the hell outta here...", Vasquez said.

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Eater:Sequal Series   Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:01 am

Awesomeness, Logan. Love the drama effect.
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Soul Eater:Sequal Series
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